MHAC aims to create an environment where individuals of all ages and abilities can experience the enjoyment of, and can reach personal success in not only the sport of swimming but in life as well.


Ms. Shawn teaches a parent and child Waterbabies class on Wednesday evenings at 5:00. This is a fun class for children under 4 and their parents. The purpose of the class is to encourage young children to become comfortable in and under the water. It is based on teaching safety skills to parents and their children. We focus on learning to float, and the beginning terminology of learning to swim. The class focus is learning these skills through songs and games.

Learn to swim

Swim Lessons are offered for children ages 15 months to age ten. Classes are offered four days a week for 30 minutes each and are semi-private. The benefits of swimming are endless and your child should learn to swim as early as possible. Heres why: 

  • It is essential for safety.

  • It is a low-impact sport.

  • The value of team work is learned along with individuality.

  • Time management is inevitably learned.

  • Swimming is an incredible workout.

  • You can swim for the rest of your life.

For more detailed information please visit our Lessons page.​

Offered each summer. Stay tuned!

Swim Camp

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